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Euro 4x4 Truck Driver


Experience one of the most challenging euro truck simulator games over the high mountains. It’s 4x4 off road adventure euro truck driver game for android phones. For all extreme truck driving game lovers and daredevils: the ultimate blend of 4x4 truck simulator and euro truck simulator has just arrived in the latest 4x4 off road game. Be the best euro truck driver the world has ever seen and get the chance to drive big cargo trucks through the off road hills. It’s time to steer the wheel of big cargo vehicles through off road hills and do some tough precision driving. Show off your fast truck hill driver skills while driving through bumpy terrain that has narrow mud roads with sharp turns uphill, which makes it impossible for any truck driver to control the wheels. Embrace the roughest hill speed driving challenge on Rocky Mountains in this off road 4x4 truck simulator games. Download EURO 4X4 TRUCK DRIVER and enjoy 5 exhilarating euro truck driving missions!In this 4x4 off road simulator, you can choose from many different big cargo trucks before starting a new challenge. Our mission is to deliver tree fences, drums, cargo boxes, cargo bags and sacks towards different destinations. The truck driver has to follow the directions provided on the map for reaching at the destinations. We will also operate crane and fork lifter to unload the objects from the euro truck. A health bar will also be provided on the screen, its bar will increase or decrease depending on our truck’s physical condition. If our truck’s health bar drops down to zero, the game will get over. We will have a button on the screen for viewing the internal view of the truck and another button for turning on the truck’s lights as well. We’ll also have a button to view different camera angles. Are you ready for the ultimate 4x4 truck simulator challenge? Drive through 4x4 off road hills and get ready for intense hill speed driving as a fearless euro truck driver. Drive your euro truck simulator through the mountains and transport cargo in one of the latest EURO 4X4 TRUCK DRIVER game!